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This Service is for talented Students in the schools , who learn many skills and get training in ( Acting – singing – Presentation –rhetoric – Speaking in Public ) We submit to Students preparations like ( costumes – accessories–Decoration – lighting and Sound system ) The theatric show consist of (different Plays – vaudeville).

This Course is for kids between (8 – 15) years old. The Specialist trainers teach the Kids the basis of acting skills. The activities of acting are : Fitness exercises. Focus exercises. Voice exercises. Imaginationexercises. Special part for composing and writing skills for talented kids. mimicexercises to control. Our Course aims to : Actor preparing. […]

Preparationand presentingradio programs in (German – Arabic). This Course is for all ages ( kids – Adults ) Course content : Program Preparation. Program Presenting. Reading the daily news. Record the programs in studio. One condition: speaking German at least B1. Course date for Adults : ( onesession 4 hourseveryweek for one and half month […]

Kids learn the Basics of Dubbing and the voice acting. Kids learn the pronunciation and listening skills. Kids learn how to speakon Microphone which support their self-confidence. Kids record Dubbing-Project in studio and get finally CDs and certificate. The Parents get two evaluations about Kidscriteria. This Course is for kids from 4 years till 15 […]

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